Bluemix Genomics

Bluemix Genomics

As scientists work to understand how genetics contribute to complex disease, they are processing and analyzing massive amounts of genome data. The typical person’s genome generates about 200 GB of raw data, making genome sequencing and data collection both a scientific challenge and computational one. Over the past four years, the end-to-end cost of sequencing one whole genome has dropped from $20,000 to $5,000, and the price continues to go down. Lower cost makes it easier for doctors, researchers, and biologists to prescribe genome sequencing and secondary analysis. What’s not as easy: access to faster and cheaper data storage, required for gaining insight from this massive amount of data.

Bluemix Genomics runs on IBM Bluemix and Apache Spark™: a cost-effective and auto-scalable cloud system that increases the speed of processing in genomics data analysis at scale. It offers scientists easier genomic data exploration, and because costs are lower, doctors are able to run critical tests when are needed. Medical researchers and practitioners get better and more complete analysis on the genome, and patients get information they need to make informed decisions.


  • Eric Li
  • Connie Lam
  • Xiaoyang Gao


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