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Datapalooza Comes to San Francisco

From November 10th to 12th, the Spark Technology Center in San Francisco hosts the first-ever Datapalooza — a deep-dive with industry leaders from data science, data engineering, and app development. Participants will take their data skills to the next level with hands-on experience building a data product over the course of the three days.

You’ll combine analytic and innovative skills to attack real world challenges using natural language processing, machine learning, and Watson’s cognitive computing framework. Sessions and talks focus on data wrangling and data pipelines, as well as data variables, models, and scoring. Those eager to take apps to the marketplace can explore frameworks, visualizations, and product launch.

The San Francisco sessions are the kickoff to a world tour that will take Datapalooza to Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, London, and more.

10% discount for registering early.

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