The Team

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Meet the Team


Anjul Bhambhri

big data entrepreneur. speaker, influencer, golden lab afficionado.


Chris Fregly

market street extreme jaywalker, Apache Spark contributor, author, speaker, founder of communities.


David Townsend

designer. data, cars, phones, wearables, NFL headsets. avoider of speaking at Ted.



Deron Eriksson

distributed computing, search engines, machine learning pipelines, author and educator.


Frederick Reiss

deep systems and ML architect. system ML, Spark, Hadoop, machine learning, text analytics, big data.


Jihong Ma

software engineer. databases, algorithms, Hadoop, and Spark.



Joel Horwitz

disrupter. coffee, laughter fueled product strategist.


Rob Thomas

instigator. author, dry humorist, professional eater and wine drinker.


Katharine Kearnan

trail runner, titian-fancier, comms @IBMAnalytics.



Satheesh Bandaram

Open Source Committer, PMC Member. Trying hard to stay hands-on and want-to-be developer.


Scott Sampson

winegrower, technologist, cheese-lover, New Englander turned Californian, first computer was an IBM PCjr.


Steve Beier

STC program director. internet of things, big data and astronomy buff, classic car collector.


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